Travel nerves & exploring Berlin

The most stressful part of traveling was saying goodbye to my parents. Once I stepped through the airport security checkpoint, then I knew I was on my own. That thought was both liberating and scary, for obvious reasons. At the moment, however, I was only thinking about the millions of possibilities that could go wrong like getting lost in a foreign city or being targeted by terrorists. Despite weeks of preparation, I did not feel ready.

The actual travel was pretty uneventful. I couldn’t sleep on my 10.5 hour flight from LAX to Düsseldorf, so I ended up watching four movies in a row while sipping on some free airport wine. I passed out from exhaustion on my next flight to Berlin. When I woke up, the sun was just setting, casting for me the perfect welcome image to start my journey.


My first look at Berlin

My taxi driver spoke only broken English, but he pointed out some cool landmarks on the way to my host family’s apartment. I feel really blessed to be assigned to my host family. My host mom is the sweetest and most helpful lady. She also has a 13 year old son and a dog named Spike, who recently had an operation so he’s stuck currently with a cone around his head. I was very excited to learn that they were huge Walking Dead fans too! It was definitely a bonding moment for all of us.


If he looks sad, it’s just because he wants food.

The next day, I met with some of the interns from my language course. Together, we explored downtown Berlin. We went to the Menschen Museum, a real human body exhibit, and also the Carnival of the Cultures. A lot of the preserved bodies at the museum had mohawks, so I’m guessing mohawks are pretty big in Berlin. Tomorrow, I will be starting my first day of language school.


Menschen Museum and Fernsehturm TV-Tower


Karneval der Kulturen or “Carnival of the Cultures”


Lángos, a Hungarian food specialty


There was a meditative trance going on inside this church


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